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This is super sappy and cheesy I'm sorry in advance

For me, Hokuto is a huge source of comfort and a character I admire a ton. He means a lot to me, and just seeing things relating to him makes me feel very happy and improves my mood when I'm not feeling my best. I adore him with my whole heart.

One thing I love about him is how much he's changed throughout the main story. At first, he is shown to be unfriendly and harsh to Subaru and Makoto, and is even described as being robotic. After his experiences in the story and him growing closer with Trickstar, he begins to be more lighthearted, even going as far as smuggling fireworks into the school for Trickstar and the others to enjoy during the Late Summer Lesson event. Even though he has become more inclined to do fun stuff, he still insists on working hard. He himself wants Trickstar to succeed and is prepared to work himself to the point of exhaustion for them, as shown by his introductory scout story.

As much as I joke about it, Hokuto betraying Trickstar was a big turning point in his development in the main story. He was pressured into leaving Trickstar for Fine because of his parent's and their expectations of him. He didn't want to betray them at all, but did so for the happiness of his parents, because he wanted to show that he was a good son and wanted to be praised by them. He learned that doing things to please his parents wasn't something that made him happy like Trickstar did, and eventually went back to them. He still carries the guilt of his betrayal all the time, no matter how much the others say he's fine. He can't shake the fact that he feels so unbelievably guilty for doing that to them, and is working so hard to make it up to them as much as he can.

He cares so much about his friends, too. He works so hard to help them succeed as idols, and even tries his best to make sure they're doing alright. Mao, Makoto and Subaru are all so important to him, because of the fact they helped him realise that life wasn't just about fitting into people's expectations for him, which in his case, was being a perfect son for parents who were barely around him growing up.

As said before, Hokuto wasn't really around his parents as he grew up, and was raised by his grandparents. Hokuto's fondness of his grandmother is so sweet, and it shows that he's learnt a lot from her. He cares so much about her because she was there for him when his actual parents weren't, and it shows by how often he mentions her in stories that she means so much to him, and I think it's super sweet how much he talks about her.

I don't quite know what else to write here but, I love Hokuto so so so so so much. He means so much to me and never fails to make me smile and feel better when I'm feeling upset about something. I feel like I'm kinda repeating myself here but the fact that he cares so much about others and how far he's come from the start of the main story really means a lot to me, and I absolutely adore him because of it. Hokuto's relationship with Trickstar is so sweet, and how much he cares about his friends is something that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.